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Central Coast Home Vintners AssociatioN


Whether you are a veteran home winemaker... or are new to the hobby... or you have never made a batch of wine... or you like to drink wine (and might like to try making your own wine someday), then the Central Coast Home Vintners Association (CCHVA) is for you!  For only $40/year, you receive a monthly newsletter, invitations to fun events, access to winemaking equipment and some of the best grapes in California!  Make new friends and collaborate with other home winemakers.  Click the "Join Us Now" link below today!

Congratulations to the California Mid-State Fair 2024 Home Winemaking Competition Winners! 

Over 140 entries were submitted by Central Coast home-based winemakers to the competition detailed the California Mid-State Fair in a press release about the results. 

  • Best of Show and Best of Rosé: Brad Bunkelman of Santa Maria (Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon) - CCHVA Member
  • Best of Red: Brad Bunkelman of Santa Maria (Red Blend) - CCHVA Member
  • Best of Dessert: Casey Butler of Arroyo Grande (Dessert Wine)
  • Best of White/Sparkling: Fred Carbone of Santa Maria (Grenache Blanc) - CCHVA Member

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  • Creating memories that will last a lifetime
  • Learning new skills and expanding your horizons
  • Building friendships based on shared interests
  • Contributing to a vibrant community that celebrates the art of winemaking

Winemaking with Friends

Join CCHVA and embark on a journey of shared discovery. Our vibrant community welcomes both experienced winemakers and curious newcomers, offering the perfect platform to grow your knowledge and forge lasting connections. 
  • Experienced members guide you through every step, sharing their wisdom and passion for the craft or help mentor other.
  • Lively discussions unfold as you learn the art of fermentation, exploring different techniques and styles.
  • Bottling your creation becomes a celebration of shared effort, a testament to the bonds forged through this unique experience.

Our Events

We conduct workshops, wine evaluation seminars and “tips from the pro’s” sessions at local wineries. There are opportunities to be part of wine judging events, new winemaker’s seminars, and vineyard and harvest activities. 

We have events throughout the year, they are lots of fun.  All different types: Workshops, Tastings, Dinners meetings, and many others

Embark on an exciting adventure. 

Join CCHVA today and discover the joy of winemaking with friends!


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